Our Founder & CEO

C -hanging the AtmosphereE-ngaging the Audience, O-perating in Excellence

Being the oldest of three and the daughter of the late, Billy F. Wallace and Patricia A. Wallace, Shellice was reared in the church, having parents who served in prominent leadership roles. The church served as a stepping stone for Shellice’s journey and the catalyst for her service on stage.


At her current church, Inspiring Temple of Praise Church, (ITOP) Shellice serves faithfully under the leadership of Bishop Reginald D. Jordan. Throughout her 10-year tenure at ITOP, she continues to cultivate her gift as a MC and Event Coordinator. She’s served throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area as MC for various events and has been the backstage and onstage voice whenever needed for productions, large and small.  It is through her continued service that she has been branded: The “voice” for all your needs.


In 2016, Shellice found another niche; Wedding Announcer.  By serving as the announcer for Bishop Jordan’s wedding, she launched herself into a specialized field, serving as the wedding announcer for weddings throughout the area and has helped prospective couples with the planning of their blessed occasion.


Shellice has not only made a name for herself within the church, but because of her ability to connect with people, she has been invited to serve at numerous venues for various religious, community and secular events.


 She has recently created a new division of her company, Shellice SPEAKS, offering voiceovers for radio commercials, audio books, virtual tours and other digital recordings. Her versatility, style, and personality connects with audiences of all backgrounds and demographics. 

Shellice, by NO means, takes the power of her voice lightly. No matter the event or the occasion, she chooses to use her gift to inspire, uplift and encourage. As a person who loves to laugh, Shellice brings her natural humor and whit to the stage to help bring joy to her audiences.


Shellice has dedicated her life to public service, serving in local government for nearly 20 years, specializing in Family Law as a Child Support Enforcement Officer.


Shellice is the proud mother of two: Jason Kristopher Wallace and Karrington Elizabeth Vaughn, who are her inspiration and motivation. Shellice enjoys reading quotes and many of her original quotes can be found on her social media sites.


In 2017, Shellice authored and published her first book, “Ugly 2 Epic ~ The Journey from Pain to Purpose”.







Shellice Wallace-Vaughn is the CEO, Founder and Visionary of Shellice SPEAKS.  She is a native of Fort Worth, TX who began her journey as a Master of Ceremony (MC) back in 1992, at the tender age of 13.  She took the stage as the MC for a Vacation Bible School service at her local church, the Love Sanctuary Church of God In Christ.  Being a typical teen, Shellice was reluctant to serve in that capacity, however she was reared during a time when children were not given an option in church participation.  Shellice had no idea that this assignment was laying the foundation for something she would later come to love and be very passionate about.


Upon giving her life to the Lord in her early 20's, Shellice became more comfortable with being on stage.  She quickly came to understand the importance of her role in creating atmospheres and setting the tone for events. One valuable lesson she learned early in her career, was the clear distinction between "taking the stage” and "setting the stage.” As a normal practice, Shellice seeks God diligently prior to serving as MC for any service and continues to do so. Her goal is always to usher in the presence of God, minister to the hearts of the people and create a mind of expectancy in direct flow with the set order.

Blessed with the gift of oration, Shellice is an anointed and prolific public speaker who has utilized her gift to the glory of God for more than 35 years.



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